Eight questions to Justice Rhiime

If somebody put in the same sentence the words « music », « Tennessee » and « Nashville », the first thing that will come to your minds is the country music. Do not try to lie to us. We all have the same clichés about that city, about that State, about that music. However, in « Music City » lives a young rapper who starts to make some really good noise. His name is Justice Rhiime and we have decided to ask him eight questions.

Hi Justice Rhiime, the French audience doesn’t know you very well so let’s talk about you.

I’ll be very quick, I am 21 years young, and I am an independent artist.

So you’re from Nashville, Tennessee, the land of country music so how did you come to rap music ? 

I came about rap music because a lot of my family and friends are big hip hop fans. So as a kid I was around hip hop music a lot.

Does the country music inspire you ?

I wouldn’t exactly say the country music itself inspires me, but I can say being from Music City has definitely inspired me because I’m around so much music everyday; and even though we are known for country music here we still have so many genres of music being made by many talented artist here.

Do you have any artists that influence you ?

I wouldn’t say any artist influence me exactly, it’s more of the fact that I wanna make a difference with music in which I try to make great music that will last forever. So I honestly get my ambition and influence from within myself, although there are other artist out there whom I enjoy their music a lot.

What do you know about French hip hop ?

I have heard many artist from overseas as far as artist from England, Australia, UK, Germany, and many other places; but not exactly French hip hop artist.

OK, so we’re going to listen to a couple of songs from NTM, IAM and Doc Gyneco. What do you think of them ?

After hearing these songs I can see that I should heard French hip hop artist a long time ago. Those artists had some good music. The style, vibe, flow, and professionalism were very nice. Thanks for showing me those.

What are your projects for the coming months ?

This year I have more songs and a actual collaboration project I have with another local artist from Nashville on the way. I also plan to do a couple of videos as well.

If you have to keep 5 songs in the history of music it would be ?


There is a very long list of hip hop songs I love, so it would beyond hard to choose only 5. I love many songs from artist such as Tupac Shakur, Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, Lupus Fiasco, A tribe called quest, Outkast, Ghetto Boys, UGK, Wu-Tang Clan, and many more artist. So as you can see I’m a huge hip hop fan.

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