Ravyn Lenae, interview of an amazing musician

If you check regularly the (almost) world famous section “Le Son du Jour” on our website, you probably already fall in love with the incredible work of the young Ravyn Lenae. We did. So, we decided to ask Ravyn some question to discover who she is.

Hi Ravyn, if we look at your soundcloud, it seems that you are new in music industry, so let’s talk about you and your project Ravyn Lenae.
A major struggle for me was finding my true identity. Like most teens, it took me awhile to get to know myself fully. I was unsure of who “Ravyn” really was and often followed the crowd. When I started high school, I immediately figured out my true identity and became very comfortable with myself.
I try to find inspiration in EVERYTHING. I usually look out the window during car rides to find inspiration on a billboard, the concrete, a person, or even the sound of train tracks. Using neutral subjects like these give me a chance to challenge my creativity, which is always fun. I write my own music!

What are your musical influences ?
Artists such as Erykah Badu and Solange Knowles inspire me because they are completely true to themselves. Their music is very soulful and always have a positive message. I also really admire their lyricism. I respect their creativity and individuality. I hope to meet them one day, and even collaborate.
When I was younger, my mom would listen to a lot of Fantasia, Destiny’s Child, and India Arie. My father would listen to a ton of Eminem, Outkast, Timbaland, and Pharrell. I’m grateful that I was surrounded by great music when I was younger because it plays an integral role in the artist I am today.

The dumbest question that everybody wants to ask a musician : why do you do music ?
My ultimate goal as an artist is to inspire. I want my music to speak to people in a way that moves them.
I decided to make music my career towards the end of 8th grade. I realized that nothing else gave me the fulfillment, joy, and rush I get from making music.
I believe my music is unique because I like to use a lot of figurative language. I challenge myself to use metaphors and wordplay that appeal to the senses. Also, I like to use dialogue and story-telling to get my message across in my music.
I really want people to know that I am very passionate about what I do, regardless if they enjoy my music or not.

The thing that upsets you ?
As an artist who respects the art of music, it really upsets me when I hear garbage on the radio. People don’t need to be great to make it anymore, which is really disappointing. I’m really hard on myself when it comes to my music because it is such a sensitive thing for me. When people just throw music out there just to do it, it not only disrespects the craft, but it makes the people forget what real, creative, heart-felt music sounds like.

The question 100% French accent : do you know some French musicians or singers ? If the answer is a yes, who do you like ?
Well, I’m sorry but I don’t know of any French artists.

If you have to keep 5 songs in the whole history of music it would be…
Tough question… I would say :
1. Nothing thought – Sonny moon
2. Didn’t cha know– Erykah Badu
3. Losing you– Solange
4. Little bit – Lykke Li
5. Rolling hills – Jill Scott

It’s time to discover the real you : tell us the song that you are ashamed of listening in a loop
One song that I’m ashamed of having on replay is My Way by FettyWap. Please don’t laugh!

Twitter: ravynlenae – Instagram: ravynlenae

Crédit photo : Ravyn Lenae – rehabonlinemag.com


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